The history of Hazara people was mostly written by their enemies. They tried to change or destroy the great cultural and historical background of Hazaras.

Hazara people are Turkic people and descendants of the Kushans. There are also Mongol influences in ten percent of Hazaras. Hazara People are living in Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India and central Asian countries like Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. Millions of Hazara people forced to leave their homeland, where we called it Afghanistan now.

Hazara people have long faced violence in Afghanistan, suffering genocide, slavery, and forced displacement under a series of Afghan governments including the Taliban and Karzai’s regime.

Buddhas of Bamiyan
A Symbol of Hazara Culture, Art and History in Hazarajat

The (19th century) Afghan/Pashtun king Abdurrahman has destroyed the face of Buddha in Bamiyan.
Dynamiting and destruction by Afghan/Pashtun Taliban, March 2001