AIHRC Report says thousands of Hazaras forced to flee

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A new report about Kuchi-Taliban’s recent attack (May 2010) on Hazara people has been released by Afghanistan Independent Human Rights commission.

The report says thousands of Hazara people forced to flee. 12 including children and women were killed and injured. 153 Hazara houses were looted and burned. 35 schools have been burned or shut down and 5,450 Hazara students cannot go to schools.

Click here and download AIHRC report.

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  1. Admin

    This report is available in English now:

  2. Admin

    Unfortunately the report is not available in English on the website of AIHRC website. We try to translate it, but you can also contact AIHRC directly:
    Tel: +93 (20) 2500676
    Tel: +93 (20) 2500197
    FAX:+93 (20) 2500677
    Thank you

  3. Renee

    Is this report available in English?