Meet Hazara-Ukrainian Artist Akbar Khurasani

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Hazara-Ukrainian Artist Akbar Khurasani Akbar Khurasani was born in fall 1961, in a mountain village Sangtakht, Daikundi province in Afghanistan.

The Ukraine has become his second homeland. Here he found true friends and great teachers and grew as a professional artist. In 1994 he graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, the studio of People’s Artists of Ukraine Prof.T.N. Golembievska.

From 2003 of Akbar as a refugee got status of citizen of Ukraine which considers the second motherland.

The painter works in a style of oriental impressionism, filling his works with philosophical and cosmic content.
Khurasani is one of the artistic personalities, for whom the feeling of color and form is a way of existence. He think and perceives the surrounding world directly through light and color.

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  1. We are slowly getting there

    We, Hazaras are slowly getting there. Slowly recognizing and finding each other around the world. Lets build once again our great network. For Hazara, for Hazaragi, for Hazaristan, for Humanity.

  2. Mohammad zia Hassanzadeh

    I appreciate the talented artist Mr Khawari who symbolise and represent our people with his arts

  3. Daniel Azad

    Thank you Hazara People for providing important news about the Hazaras all over the world. I wish I could do same one day in a field that could make some from my people as happy as I am now.
    Thank you!