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QUETTA: Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) staged a noisy protest demonstration outside the Quetta Press Club on Saturday to condemn the suicide attack, which claimed 13 lives and injured 25 others on the occasion of Eidul Fitr.
It may be mentioned here that 13 persons were killed and 25 others, including women and children, sustained injuries in a deadly suicide attack on a place of Eid congregation in Marriabad, a Shiite dominated area of the provincial capital. The blast was so powerful that it destroyed 10 vehicles and damaged some nearby houses besides commercial establishments in the neighbourhood. The protesters chanted full-throated slogans against the government for its failure to protect the human lives.
The protesters were also carrying placards and banners in their hands in support of their demands. HDP Central Information Secretary Mohammad Raza Wakeel condemned the killings of innocent people and said no religion condoned the killings of innocent persons. He said that terrorists were visibly engaged in a civil war in the province on the pretext of sectarian issues.

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    Shame on the Pakistani government, shame on the terrorists for killing the human beings, if your aim is to achieve heaven and paradise you have to stop your brutality. If you are told or if you think that Allah will bless you and open the doors of heaven for you ignorant and brutal , that’s 100% wrong because its only Allah who gives and takes lives not you. You should understand that Allah will curse you . Shame on your governance Mr Zardari

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    This is good for you all to protest, but if you protest will they come back!
    by protest we can’t do any thing but i request from my elders that please find another way to protect hazara’s.

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