Hazara people: Same as Afghanistan, dozens of Hazara people were targeted and killed by Pashtun Taliban in Pakistan.
A new report released by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan says dozens of Hazara people were killed in Pakistan in 2010.

118 people were killed and 40 injured in 117 targeted killings in Balochistan. They included 29 non-Baloch .settlers. and 17 members of the Shia Hazara community. Bodies of 59 missing persons were found in the province.

Quetta shuts down to mourn blast victims/ Getty Images

Quetta shuts down to mourn blast victims/ Getty Images

In September 2010, 73 Hazaras were killed by Taliban in Quetta. In the same city, four Hazaras were killed in October and three others in December.
Hazara people are mostly targeted by Pashtun Taliban and extremists.

Link: Human Rights Commission of Pakistan


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    I think Islam has nothing to do with this sectarian violence. It’s our own miss understanding wrong apprehending the message of Islam in a wrong way. Most of Shai Muslims don’t hate Christian or Hindu but they do hate Wahabi and Sunni.
    For me Shai and Sunnis are manifestation of same reality.
    Down with schism. Down with Shai and Sunni. Down with Iran and Arab. Islam is beautiful religion. Islam Zindabad.

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    It is not only the Pashtoon, but all Sunni Muslims have announced crusade (religious war) against non believers and non Sunni Muslims. What a great Islamic ideology!! What is happening to us and all other non muslims in the world is the blessings of Arab Islam. Down with Islam and Arab culture. Lets work with all civilized and cultured people of the world for the safety and security of future generation.

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