An open letter to the world Islam intellectuals, scholars, mullahs, and leaders
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The Taliban have committed war crimes, massacres, crimes against humanity, and other sorts of human rights violations in Afghanistan since 1996. They have killed thousands of innocent people and forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homelands.

After the fall of the Taliban regime, they have continued committing crimes by suicide bombings, blocking roads, and planting mines throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan. They commit these crimes in the name of Islam and Jihad. Additionally, they made have falsely presented Islam as a dangerous and prejudiced faith.

As signatory of this letter, I have a simple question. Do you agree with the Taliban? Why you are silent about war crimes, massacres, and crimes against humanity committed by the Taliban in Afghanistan? Why have you not condemned these crimes?

I look forward to receiving your answer to the public.

Thank you

Important Note:

1. People from different parts of the world may sign this letter.

2. Please write your name and contact information in English.

3. This letter, after being signed, will be sent automatically to the email addresses of Islamic intellectuals, scholars, mullahs, and leaders around the world.


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    I pesonally believe that all the religious groups/personalities regardless their own faith, have the same charactor, stragedi and interest. They’ll, and try their best to cover or not to go against eachother to protect theirselves. Because they believe, apart of their own groups, all others deserve go to the hell. If you talk about the logics of the religion, they’ll give you the fatwa “Kafir”, “Mushrik”, “Munafiq” etc etc.

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