Every nation’s continuous development depends on its people and the nations, which have suffered the brutalities of wars, can learn from its outcome to capitalize their strength to present souvenir to the nation.

The Hazaras, unfortunately, were sacrificed for many prolonged years by illiterate leaders who fettered them off from learning education. Still this ominous shadow of discrimination is completely gone from the cold opens.
Without devastations of revolt, it also had noticeable fruition for the people. These people, through migration, could put their capabilities in display and they have proved to capture an elevated peak of success and master it that one of those is Mr. Zakir Hussain.

Mr. Zakir Hussain belongs to Sirthela Sungshanda of District Jaghori. He is one of the talented Hazara youths who could use his initiatives and inventions in the air.

It was scheduled that Mr. Zakir Hussain would put his invented Aeroplane for display in Ghujor at Jaghori District but, due to some problems, it has been procrastinated. As per schedule this Thursday, he may start his fly in clean sky of Jaghori to display his aeroplane to the lamenting people of the District.

(Translated by: Liaquat Ali Hazara from Persian version)


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    Dear Eng. Zakir Hussin,
    You made history, please watch for your safety; we dont want to loose you in an accedent. I am in California, near by work, there is a small air port and aviation museum; please stay in touch with me and let me know if i can get any educational material for you, or get an answer for your question from experts here.
    Good luck, Thanks. Amir

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    Ishaq Changezi, Quetta

    Congratulation to Zakir Hussain

    The Invention of ‘AIR KABUL’ is a great achievement for our people, by Mr.Zakir Hussain to complete his project with help of Grate Allah. Hazara’s of all over the world proud to you alway be keep your struggle in positive mind shabash…. may Allah succeed u.

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    Many congratulations to all Hazaras n especially to Mr. Zakir Hussain for his great and truelly appreciating job.
    GOD bless U….

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    very nice keep it up. afghanistan need engineers techinicians in all fields specially aviation. form a company and name as aerospace research bureau. thanks

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    Mashallah Zakir Hussain and congratulations to you and all Hazaras keep it up we are all proud of yoy……..

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    First of all from my bottom heart i am saying to Mr.Zakir Hussain congratulations and may Allah give you long life and be successful to your next project invent..we all really happy for you…

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    ali from lodon on

    congratulation good locky we hope see you flaying in afghanistan. very good taland
    may god bless you zakir hussian.

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    Muhammad Asif hazara on

    WOW?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrates on your success. May Allah blass you.

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    Muhammad Asif hazara on

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooow!!!!!!???? What a talented guy Zakir hussain is.
    He has not ony invented an aeroplane but has given a message to the world that YES!!!!!! Hazara Nation is also not included among the third world Nation.
    From many years our nation have been suffering many troubles through different ways. every Nation tried to finnish us but could nt boke the belief and trust that we have on ourselves.
    GREAT WORK!!!!!??? Engineer Zakir Hussain. May Allah bless you for further inventions. The whole Nation is with you.

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    first i wanna tell hi and after that i wanna congertulate for ur invention it is really a good aeroplane we all from pakistan pray for ur happiness we wish that all hazara boys should become like u

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    Muhammad Ali, Quetta, Pakistan on

    salam Birari Gul !

    bisyar ziad tabrik pesh monim Egnineer Zakir Hussain ra baraye azi kamyabi …

    it is really proud for out nation and afghanistan ….

    and i pray to you to be sucessfull in future and to create more useful thing like this for the country and nation …

    And … i request the poeple to suport Mr. Zakir Hussain (Engineer) financial from all over the world ….

    Khuzda Yar wa Madgari tu ….

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    Asadullah Escandari on

    Dear Engineer Zakir Hussain, accept Many, Many, and Lots of congratulations for this great achievement and accomplishment for Hazaras all around the world.

    Really outstanding performance, and that is incredible in such conditions of our country, anyways again congrats to you as well as your great family , especially to your Mother that has born such talented boy.

    Long live Zakir Hussain and we all!!!

    Asadullah from India………

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    I don’t know how to I express my feeling, but let me share part of this to you guys. The first thing, being a Hazara man is big proud for us in the world because people in accrues from the world have thought about Hazara. I promise you all, in coming future Hazara will take the charge and led the Afghanistan. Zakir jan is one those simple. Proud Hazara, keep doing your good work! God bless you, Asad Rezaie.

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    Najeeb Hussain on

    Sallam Dear, ZAKER HUSSAIN
    I m really proud of you for your invention, Thanks Brother you made a new Afghanistan in the world, Congratulation for you and your Family, I wish you all the best, Khuda yaarat baad,

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    Congratulation more than world. i really really proud of you, ohh god i can`t explain how glad i am. i am full of gladness the time i got know it until right now i look it and read it. proud to be afghan and proud to be HAZARA. wish more and more positve new news from all afghanistan and the mostly hazara, cuz hazara people are more talent.

    Good luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk brotherssssssssssss

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    Hello Zakir Hussain,
    Congratulation! I really proud of you. God bless him. Everyone, please support him as much you can. Please post any of video regarding to “Kabul Air”.

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    On behalf of the Hazara community in Auckland, New Zealand, Congratulations for you achievement Engineer Sahib Zaki Hussain mohtaram.

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    the best work by zakir hussain who made the name of hazara divilop in the wold o realy have respact him and his work

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    this is one of the greatest job that mr Zakir has done it at all ,all around the Afghanistan ,he didnt just pride his family he made proud all afghan.
    to fill fill your dream we have to try our best .
    he done incridible job

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    hi sallam alaikoom and very very thanks and i congratulate u for ur this achivement from my site and from all hazaras od pakistan

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    Dear, Mr. Zakir Hussain ( BUT I know him by the name of Mr. Sabir Ali)
    Dear, accept Many, Many, and Lots of congratulations for this great achievement and accomplishment for Hazaras all around the world.

    Your this Invention of Air plane / Air Invention is a great achievement for our people. The struggles made by you to complete this project is very much impressive, and it is the first step towards perfection in the Field of Air Traffic by Our Community i.e GREAT HAZARA COMMUNITY. This type of thought has never been seen among the new generation and youth of HAZARAs in the whole history. Your efforts and enthusiasm and high thinking for this invention is Highly appreciate able.

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    Thank you very much my Hazaras, you are all doing great jobs, keep doing that. You will finally make to where you want. Wish you all, all the best.
    Amin From Kabul

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    zakir Hussain Naiman on

    Every day passing we hear many success of Hazara People
    Congratulation to all Hazara People
    Congratulation to zaker hussain

    Long live Hazara

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    Today It’s a great news victory and achievement to all of us we are proud of you many congratulations Zakir jaan for this excellent achievement and invention we all hope to see you flying the air of Afghanistan soon and pray for your further success in this way.

    Long Live Hazaras

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    very warm congratulation for Zakir Hussain for the first ever invention in afghanistan, Hazaras have great talents that need to be bring before. Inshallah in near future hazaras do many more. the future of hazaras are bright

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    Muhammad Akram, Quetta-Pakistan on

    Many congratulations to Mr. Zakir Hussain for his great accomplishment and to Hazaras all around the world.
    The Invention of Air trike ‘AIR KABUL’ is a great achievement for our people. The struggles made by the Zakir Hussain, to complete his project of making what has never been invented in the whole history of Afghanistan, shows his enthusiasm and high thinking and of Hazara people towards the progress, advancement and prosperous Afghanistan.
    Long Live Zakir Hussain!
    Long Live Hazaras!

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