News Service 133/97
AI INDEX: ASA 11/07/97
Afghanistan: Amnesty International receives new information about
Taleban detentions
Amnesty International has just received information that the Taleban has rounded-up as many as
2,000 men from the Tajik and Hazara minorities from their homes in Kabul over the past few days.
These men were arrested mostly in their homes in the Khair Khana, Karte Parwan, Char
Kala and Dasht Barchi suburbs of Kabul.
“There have been no reports that these men were involved in fighting. Information received
indicates that these men have been detained solely because of their identity as minority Tajik and
Hazaras. We would therefore consider them prisoners of conscience and demand their immediate and
unconditional release,” Amnesty International said today.
These men are crammed together in Pul-e Charkhi prison near Kabul. Most of the prison has
been destroyed during the years of fighting, but some parts are being used by the Taleban as a large
detention centre.
The men are living in appalling conditions. They have limited access to food, and there have
been reports of beating and ill-treatment in custody.
“Most of them are heads of their families and are believed to be held by the Taleban to
intimidate the larger community and deter other family members from joining anti-Taleban forces in
the face of recent intense fighting around Kabul,” Amnesty International said.


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