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Continuation of Hazara Genocide in Quetta:  Eight Hazaras Have Been Killed Today

Continuation of Hazara Genocide in Quetta: Eight Hazaras Have Been Killed Today

QUETTA: Unidentified men opened fire on a bus in the outskirts of Quetta on Thursday, killing eight people — said to belong to the Hazara community — and injuring one, in what is believed to be a sectarian attack. Ten men were on the bus and were about to leave a vegetable market in the […]

Six Hazaras killed in suicide attack in Hazara Town Quetta

Quetta: Six people, a woman and a child of Hazara community among them, were killed and at least 24 others injured in a suicide attack here on Saturday night. The powerful blast occurred close to a girls’ school at Hazara town in the capital of restive Baluchistan province. Hazara town is inhabited mainly by the […]

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1st October Hazara Solidarity in Seoul – South Korea

by Hayatullah Mehryar Translated by Fatima Mehraeen Seoul is the capital of South Korea, and it has 10 million populations, most modern and advanced equipment, skyscrapers buildings, landscape view and the best weather. It did not take me long time to get to know 24 participants who came from 19 countries. The only thing these […]

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We Celebrate Hazara International Solidarity Day

Hazara People International Network www.hazarapeople.com www.facebook.com/mardomehazara www.twitter.com/hazarapeople October 1st Worldwide Hazara Solidarity Day from Hazara People on Vimeo.

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1st October, Worldwide Hazara Solidarity day Resolution

The Hazaras of Afghanistan The Hazara people, one of the largest ethnic groups, live mostly in the countryside of the central highlands of Afghanistan, which are called Hazaristan or Hazarajat. “The Hazara indigenous people made up nearly 67 percent of the population of Afghanistan prior to the 19th century.” (Hazara[1]). From the 18th century up […]

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UK MPs debate position of Hazaras in Afghanistan and Pakistan – 2014

Note to Readers: This is 3rd ‘Hazara Debate’ since 2012 by Hazara APPG – group of Hon. MPs concerned about the ongoing Hazara Genocide/systematic discrimination in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Note about certain passages of HazaraDebate: Hazaras as Persian speakers – According to ongoing research by Hazara researchers, Hazaragi – native language of Hazaras – is […]

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Two Hazara men shot dead in Quetta

QUETTA – Two members of the Hazara community were gunned down on Wednesday in Spini Road area of Quetta, police said. Imran Qureshi, the superintendent of police told media that unidentified gunmen opened fire on Spini Road killing two persons. The slain persons were identified as members of the Hazara community who were killed en […]

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The walking dead

By Mehmal Sarfraz Human Rights Watch (HRW) recently released a heart-rending report titled ‘We are the Walking Dead’ on the plight of the Shia Hazara community in Balochistan. The 62-page report is an indictment of the state’s failure to protect Shias from being massacred by the Laskhar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), a banned militant group. The accounts of […]

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Human Rights Watch Report 2014 About Hazara Genocide in Quetta- Pakistan

“We are the Walking Dead” Download the full report (PDF) Killings of Shia Hazara in Balochistan, Pakistan Glossary Map of Pakistan Map of Balochistan Summary Key Recommendations To the Government of Pakistan To the Provincial Government of Balochistan To Major Donors and Pakistan’s External Partners, including the United States, European Union, Japan, Australia, the World […]

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What is driving the ongoing violence and prejudice against  minorities in pakistan?

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