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Refugee Students In Indonesia Remember Peshawar School Attack

The massacre of 132 innocent students in Peshawar shocked the whole world. People around the world expressed their grief and discontent over this barbaric act. Students from Cisarua Refugee Learning Center, West Java, Indonesia also offered their solidarity with Pakistani students and offered sincerest condolences to families of crushed flowers. The refugee students are from […]

No Justice for teenaged Afghanistan Immigrants during Forced Deportation in Norway

By: Kawa gharji It is nearly 12 years since the Taliban regime has fallen and a new government was established with the support of international communities accompanied by unprecedented support of people of Afghanistan. Over the past 100 years, no government in history of Afghanistan has experienced such level of widespread enthusiastic support. Before that, […]

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Norway: The Hell for Asylum Seekers

By Kawa Gharji Translated: Ishaq Mohammadi “Norway police usually search for asylum seekers over the weekends.  The reason police search and arrest asylum seekers over the weekends is because asylum seekers’ lawyers are not in their offices and it is impossible for asylum seekers to get in touch with their lawyers.  When everyone is asleep […]

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Record High Deportation from Norway and Ghulam nabi Cues

By kawa gharji Today, I spoke with Nabi again. He said he has been to the hospital due to his worsening back pain. The doctors told him he needs an operation immediately and the cost of the operation is about a thousand dollars. Nabi can’t walk. Norwegian police took away his wheelchair before deporting him. […]

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Gholam Nabi, Disabled Asylum Seeker Deported 26th of October in Afghanistan and Beaten by Norwegian Police

By Kawa Gharji Gholam Nabi has been deported from Norway two days ago. Today I reached him by phone. He was in Kabul now, at the phone he seemed to be very sick and tired. His back got worse. The policemen in charge of deportation didn’t allow him to take his painkiller medicine. Even IOM […]

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Protest Against Terrorism of Taliban in Kabul, Herat, Bamiyan and Ghor:  Stop Hazara Killing

Photos by Hakim Muzaher Mahdi Zartosht, Latif Azimi & Mohammad Rohani ©HPIN On Friday, 25 July 2014, Afghanistan’s Hazaras were once again the victim of terror and persecution because of their ethnicity and religion. The suspected Taliban fighters stopped the three vans – two heading to the capital of Kabul and one on its way […]

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A concocted mandate “Afghan Disputed Presidential Polls”

By Dr. Hussain Yasa The provisional results which the Afghan Election Commission announced for the presidential election run-off are so implausible that any attempt to make them stick will undermine the political system which the world has worked hard to build up in Afghanistan over the past decade. The Commission claims a turn-out of 7.9 […]

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Worst of the Worst’: Who Did U.S. Release From Gitmo for Bergdahl?

BY FOX NEWS INSIDER Watch the latest video at video.insider.foxnews.com After the release this weekend of a U.S. soldier held captive by the Taliban for five years, questions are now being raised about the five terrorists released from Guantanamo Bay in the prisoner swap. Former CIA operative Gary Berntsen joined Steve Doocy this morning to […]

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Poets discover Hazara while NATO fails to protect them from terrorists

The works of one hundred twenty five internationally recognized poets from sixty-eight countries have been published in a 600 page multilingual anthology and collaborative poem. Titled Poems for the Hazara, it’s subject is the plight of the Hazara, one of the most persecuted political/ethnic groups in the world. The Hazara have suffered repeated acts of […]

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Afghanistan- Karzai Keeps His Word

By Dr. Hussain Yasa On Saturday, January 25, 2014 President Karzai announced in two different events in Kabul that he would not sign the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with the United States unless they met his preconditions. Keeping up his anti American rhetoric, he declared that Bagram had become a production line turning out Taliban. […]

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