Many years have passed since I was introduced to the first Hazara community. Since then I’ve met some of my best friends, intellectuals, poets, directors, families with adorable children and amazing strong women, but most of all I found a beautiful family. I feel so lucky and so grateful to all the people I met on my path, so I chose to write this poem as a simple way to say thank you. My memories, my strenght, my tears and my heart belong to you.

Nicole Valentini Ahang


Sarzamin-e qalb


I was sleeping when I was woken

By the scent of almond trees

And finally I saw

The glare of greatness

In the Khorasan eyes


In ancient poems

I heard the beauty

That can’t be seen


In the unconditional kindness

I found a shelter

From sorrow and grief


And in the pain that never get tired

I learnt the strength

And the shame of fear


But when blood started to spill

And all seemed to went downhill

I started to pray a God in which I didn’t believe


Trembling with rage

I cursed nations I don’t recognize

And I cried tears of salt

Knowing that there is still so much to grieve

With tightened lips

I made to myself a promise:

Never more will you turn your back

Never more will you look without seeing

Never more will you pull back your hand


And when finally

My time will come

I’ll know which language

Will be the right one to thanks

And in order to reach

The graveyard of Salsal and Shamama

I will whisper to the wind

Just one word:



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