Adelaide Protest Against Genocide of Hazara People

Aziza Zafari

On October 1st, 2011, at 10 am, more than a thousand Hazara people came together to walk from Victoria Square, Adelaide, to Parliament House for a protest demonstration. Everyone was crying with one voice “Where is Humanity?” “Why should lives of innocent people be taken from them?”

The aim of this protest was to cry out for those innocent people who have been killed in Pakistan and Afghanistan by unknown groups of terrorists under the names of Kochigara and Taliban.

At 10.45 Bismillah Rezayee, the first speaker announced the purpose of coming together for this protest. He reported that in the past years many innocent people have been killed in Pakistan. He asked the crowd to remain silent in order to allow everyone to hear the speeches clearly and also asked them to sign their names on the long banner to show their love and compassion for the people who had been killed. This banner will go to UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) requesting help from them and to demonstrate how, on this day of protest, over a thousand people came together to weep for their families and friends who were innocent victims of violence and persecution in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Jawed Rezyat, the next speaker, spoke about the killing of Hazaras in Pakistan. He declared this to be a deliberate and selective attack on the Hazaras who are constantly targeted by a number of people to be killed and removed from within and outside the country.

Next, Marzia Mohammadi emphasised how crucial it is for us to protest and cry out with one voice for our people as we are all human beings who know what it is to feel pain ourselves and should learn to share each other’s burdens.

Eqbal Safari, a student of international studies and law, then talked about certain human rights which have been grossly ignored.

Finally all the people who had joined the protest signed the banner which will go to The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The protest ended at 12.30pm in front of Parliament House.

Following the protest on 2nd of October 2011, from 2PM to 4PM a funeral was held in “Wali Asr Mosque” for those who have been killed in Pakistan.

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